• Martina

MIKLØ Bodycare: Eco-conscious beauty products made in Belgium

100% plant based eco-friendly deodorants and lip balms adapted for sensitive skin that work.

  • Made in Belgium

  • 100% natural and vegan friendly

  • Ø plastic packaging

  • Ø harmull chemicals

  • Ø artificial fragrances

We do our best to bring together sustainability and ethical sourcing. The deodorants contain olive butter sourced in Spain which besides essential fatty acids and antioxidants adds moisture without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. Sunflower oil adds vitamin E, has anti-inflammatory property, helps combat irritation and redness of the skin and it helps the skin to retain it’s moisture. Grape-seed oil protects against free radicals, and is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial as well. We use as much as locally sourced cold-pressed oils as possible to reduce impact of transportation of our ingredients.

How does it work?

The deodorants contains magnesium that combats bad odours and is more adapted to sensitive skin that alcohol or baking soda which have shown to cause irritation on many people. The deodorant sticks are aluminium free, vegan and cruelty-free. We create fresh scents with a blend of essential oils and to add that extra kick of freshness to the deodorants without artificial fragrances.

Going as local as possible

During my studies, I was passionate about research on sustainable farming, vegan alternatives and the ways people could have an impact on the environment by the daily choices we all make while doing our groceries. I realised, however, as much as we give much attention to local food this is not the case for cosmetic products we put on our bodies. There are many vegan and natural products on the market but these contain ingredients that come from around the globe which seemed to me counterintuitive. This is why our deodorants contain olive butter from Spain, sunflower and rapeseed wax from Germany and grape-seed, apricot or sunflower oil from several European countries. Some ingredients such as essential oils cannot be sourced in Belgium or Europe but the goal is going as local as possible to reduce the impact from transportation as much as we can with the continuous aim for improvement. Additional reason to source more locally is to have better control over the working conditions. Although we know the system is not perfect we believe European labour rights are already a good start.

Plastic free deodorants and lip balms

In 2018, Belgium was the 5th biggest exporter of plastic waste in the world, sending around 35 tons of plastic each month abroad, mostly to China. However, the same year China decided to stop the import and thus we redirected these containers to countries such as Malaysia, India or Turkey. We estimate that today each person in Belgium uses on average 15 kilograms of plastic per year. In 2016, 11% of plastic waste entered in aquatic ecosystems. This is why we decided to use for our natural deodorants and lip balms recyclable and biodegradable paper tubes that are easy to use and completely plastic free while committing to always look for more sustainable alternatives.

Circular Economy: how do we contribute?

Circular economy doesn’t have one accepted definition, it entails a reduced demand for natural resources, and the materials that are derived from them. In this case we will refer to waste as a material that is not a prime product. In our case, we use cold-pressed organic grape-seed oil which is extracted from pulp of grapes already used in the wine and juice industry. This way we can repurpose what would become waste and keep all the qualities of the cold pressed oil!